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Stanwell Tops 4 day Residential: The Dance of Lead and Follow - The Truth is in the Relationship

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$1390, Deposit $250 due upon acceptance

The Dance of Lead and Follow - The Truth is in the Relationship

The psychodrama method is based on the concept of co-creation. The challenge is to live in the here and now within a relational paradigm. 

“… Moreno’s vision was so comprehensive that, with him, one worked all the time, because life was constantly presenting itself to us. Everything was about relationships – ours to each other, extending to our near and far social atoms…”                

Zerka Moreno (2006:43)

This is as true of directing psychodrama as it is in living your life. It requires role flexibility, recognising when it is time to lead and when it is time to follow. However it is not as simple as it sounds.

The task of every director is to stay with themselves and their experience, in relationship with the protagonist and the group, in the midst of the unfolding moment. From there it will be clearer what leading and following is involved so you can still move towards the purpose.

One challenge is to let go of what you think should happen while remaining alive in the face of the unknown, alert to the new moment. The new moment will arise. It always does. The second challenge is to remain in relationship to yourself as a spontaneous being. This doesn’t mean performing but remaining in a progressive role especially while you still don’t know what to do. And thirdly, staying in adequate relationship with others. At its heart, leadership is about improvisation while staying in relationship.

To assist trainees to further develop these abilities, Peter Hall will lead sessions on improvisation in the first two days of the workshop. To improvise is to learn how to step onto an empty stage with nothing but a given starting point. Working together, with no pre-conceived plan, we build step by step to create something that was not there before. The improviser, like the psychodrama director, needs to be in their body in the here and now as a scene unfolds, is required to listen deeply, to co-operate with others, to say ‘yes’ to, and work with, what is emerging. Thinking, feeling and doing are thus engaged and embodied in a dynamic way as we step onto the stage and begin…


Peter Hall studied at the Drama Action Centre with Francis Batten and Bridget Brandon, in Playback Theatre with Jonathan Fox and completed four years training in Psychodrama. He was Director of the Drama Action Centre for eight years leading classes in clown, mask, improvisation, story, spontaneity training and Playback Theatre. He has performed and taught extensively throughout Australia, as well as in New Zealand, Europe and the US. He is a writer, storyteller, and poet. His most recent publication & CD is ‘Thicknesses of the Heart’ (2010).

Thursday 17th October, 2019
Start 10:00 am
Please be there by 9.30am for 10am start
Boronia Lodge, The Tops Conference Centre
Bendana Rd
Stanwell Tops, NSW
Peter Hall