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Psychodrama Event

Using Psychodrama in Healing Trauma

Event Cost: 
$495 including deposit of $200

Using Psychodrama in Healing Trauma

What does the psychodrama method offer in the processes of healing trauma? This training workshop highlights psychodrama concepts, techniques and approaches relevant to working with harmful and traumatic experiences.

Attention will be paid to the therapeutic aspects of psychodrama and sensitivity to the needs of people who have experienced trauma. There will be a focus on critical interventions and the prevention of re-traumatisation. Ethical application in individual and group work settings will be demonstrated and discussed.

There will be pre-reading, demonstrations, practice sessions and discussions. The group leaders will share reflections on how they use the psychodramatic method in their professional practice.

This workshop is for psychodrama trainees, psychodrama practitioners and other professionals, such as psychologists and group workers, who want to develop greater confidence in working with people in the area of healing and trauma.

As participants you will be invited to relate to your life experiences as well as professional practice and those attending do so on the understanding that this may at times be emotionally demanding.


Saturday 7th July, 2018
Start 10:00 am
Saturday and Sunday 7-8 July 10am - 5.30pm
Northcote (to be advised) Melbourne, VIC 3070