Related Textbooks

These books are supplementary works that cover related areas to psychodrama. They are useful in specific ways because they cast light on related areas of human functioning and human foibles. Reading these books is a useful means to a broader understanding of people, learning, groups, and life.

This Amazon system used here is really designed for those wanting to build a niche market. While psychodrama is definitely a niche market it is not one that is easy to sell online as it is not made up of widgets and things. I hope you find value in these works. These links are primarily to the Kindle version of the books and they have hardcover and softcover versions available for many also.

On being certain: Believing you are right even when you are wrong by neurologist Robert A. Burton, is a gem of a book. His thesis is that “Certainty and similar states of ‘knowing what we know’ arise out of involuntary brain mechanisms that, like love or anger, function independently of reason.” Your certainty that you are right has nothing to do with how right you are. Please click on the image to go to Amazon. So far this one is not available on Kindle. Some years back I purchased 30 copies and distributed thento colleagues and friends, sp gppd did I find it. If high levels of certainty do not have any relationship with the thing I am certain about being 'true' or 'accurate' where does that leave us? well it leaves us in need of exploration as to where our certainty came from.