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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events
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Current and Past Events

Current and Past Events

This workshop is an opportunity to focus on areas of your own development that will assist you to be more engaged and effective in your professional and personal life. Using classical psychodrama we will work with the interests and concerns of group members.  The intention is to bring your actions and relationships more in line with who you are and what is important to you, so that you live life with greater vitality.

Participating in this workshop meets the experiential hours requirement for entering a training group in 2019.

16 Feb 2019
2 days
Level 1, 156 Pacific Highway (cnr Greenwich Rd), Greenwich, Sydney

In this workshop we will consider the structure of a psychodramatic session and the timely application of psychodramatic techniques.
November is often a time of integration of the year’s training and professional development and a time to be conscious of the learnings of the year  so they can be carried forward into our practice as group workers and individual consultants and clinicians. It is an opportunity for all participates to direct, be an auxiliary and also a protagonist within the weekend.

22 Nov 2018
November 23-25 Friday 7pm-9pm; Saturday, Sunday 9.30am – 5.30pm.
, Canberra

Curious about psychodrama and what makes it work? Thinking about whether it is for you? 

This program is the perfect place to start.

3 Nov 2018
9.30am - 4.30pm
Level 1, 156 Pacific Highway,, Greenwich, Sydney

The best way to understand the power of psychodrama is to experience it and these evenings are designed to give participants an opportunity to experience psychodrama in a safe and gentle environment. Each session will be directed by an experienced psychodramatist with time available for questions about the method and its applications.

5 Oct 2018
7pm - 9.30pm
Level 1, 156 Pacific Highway, Greenwich, Sydney

Boundaries, professional ethics, sex, money, conflicts of interest, dual relationships. In traditional societies these complicated matters are closely codified and norms taught and enforced. We live in a society where the traditional protocols between individuals no longer apply and are not passed on, even where there is token acceptance. This often bewildering and painful maze demands sophisticated abilities to negotiate.
This workshop will alert participants to potential conflicts of interest in their own world and in that of those around them. Action investigation and role-reversal, and perhaps some healing, will feature as we seek to develop more adequacy in navigating these cross currents.

21 Sep 2018
September 21 -23. Friday 7pm-9pm; Saturday, Sunday 9.30am – 5.30pm.
, Canberra

In this workshop we will explore the  application of  the psychodramatic method  to work with  traumatised individuals. We will consider psychodramatic techniques and specific application in assisting the clinician  in the healing of a protagonist who has experienced trauma with resultant Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Enactments will inform our understanding and use of action interventions. The workshop will assist particularly in the theory and practice of the Clinician and Therapeutic Guide in dealing with this important area of focused learning.

1 Jun 2018
June 1-3. Friday 7pm-9pm; Saturday, Sunday 9.30am – 5.30pm.
, Canberra



Ken and Barbie are only dolls, but they send a powerful message regarding how one should present oneself in the world. Everyone has a story about their gender identity, what it is, how it developed and their sense of comfort and 'fit' with that identity. Come along and participate in an open night where the psychodrama method will be used to explore this vital theme.

Psychodrama Australia Sydney is delighted to welcome Jo Dewar who will run this session. Jo is a psychodrama practitioner and counsellor. She has many years experience working in the area of domestic violence and drug and alcohol counselling.  Jo is passionate about personal development, especially in the area of gender issues. 

6 Apr 2018
7pm - 9.30pm
Level 1, 156 Pacific Highway (cnr Greenwich Rd), Greenwich, Sydney

This workshop is designed for participants to have supervised practice, both hierarchical and peer, to report on their work and to develop collegial relationships. Those attending the workshop will be required to have completed core curriculum, intermediate studies and are able to conduct group warm-ups, produce a psychodrama session with a supervisor and use the psychodramatic method in their professional and personal life.

6 Apr 2018
April 6- 8. Friday 7pm-9pm, Saturday, Sunday 9.30am – 5.30pm
, Canberra

There are several specific action techniques developed by JL Moreno used by all psychodrama directors. Some have been integrated by other modalities in working with people. In this workshop the range of techniques used in psychodrama will be highlighted. Each session will focus on one or two techniques and its use in bringing reality and depth to work in groups and individually.

2 Mar 2018
March 2-4 Friday 7pm-9pm, Saturday, Sunday 9.30am – 5.30pm
, Canberra

Psychodrama Professional Development Workshop, Canberra: Integrating imagination and intuition
- Increasing our own capacity to move between fantasy and reality in our work and life.

The imagination is a rich source of insight and inspiration passing through the awareness of each human at all times.
Psychodrama (the play of the soul) enables us to have fun and create meaning as we play with the images that arise spontaneously or through guided fantasy (book or movie or relaxation activity).
It also assists us to integrate these constructively in our daily life and work.

This workshop will focus on building a culture in which relationships flourish, where we are able to live and build, where healing and purpose can be fulfilled. Passion and kindness go hand in hand along with a vision of creative living. Learning to reflect on ones behaviour and others will assist in making interventions. Learning to embrace conflict and problem solving, rather than avoiding concerns that arise, will strengthen relationships and assist in the development of a positive group culture. Leadership abilities and the application of the psychodramatic method will be a focus.

Fri 13th  7pm-9pm, Sat 14th and Sun 15th October, 9.30am-5.30pm

13 Oct 2017
Fri 13th, 7pm-9pm; Sat 14th and Sun 14th Oct, 9.30am-5.30pm
Elouera Street ACT, Braddon