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Psychodrama Australia Melbourne Campus

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

This multi-level training group over eight weekends between March and October 2024 at the Melbourne Campus is an AANZPA accredited training program. It includes the September workshop listed below which is open to a wider group of trainees.

For new trainees at the core curriculum level and for trainees at intermediate and advanced levels of training.

2 Mar 2024
10am-5.30pm each day
2 Minona Street, Melbourne

with Hilde Knottenbelt and Charmaine McVea

This training event is for core, intermediate and advanced trainees engaged in psychodrama training in Australia and overseas.

13 Jun 2024
13-16 June
80 McNamaras Road, near Melbourne

with Chris Hosking

For the 2024 Training group and others engaged in psychodrama training in Australia and overseas.

More details to come

27 Sep 2024
Friday, Saturday and Sunday 27-29 September
2 Minona Street, Melbourne

with Hilde Knottenbelt

This two-day workshop will involve active, experiential learning using the psychodrama method.

It is for people interested in experiencing the psychodrama method and for people wishing to discover its relevance for their professional and clinical work with individuals and groups. It is highly recommended for people wishing to enrol in the 2025 Training Group.


12 Oct 2024
Saturday and Sunday 12-13 October 10am-5.30pm each day
2 Minona Street, Melbourne

Current and Past Events

Current and Past Events

A training group run over eight weekends between March-November which teaches the theory and practice essential to the psychodrama method, including sociometry, production techniques, role theory and group work. The group is conducted by Hilde Knottenbelt and Richard Hall.

15 Mar 2014
189 High Street, Northcote, Melbourne

A training group run over eight weekends (two of them 3 day workshops) between March and November. This group builds on the training completed in the Core Curriculum–Intermediate years, or the equivalent. It involves teaching and supervised practice with in-depth attention to all the elements of the method. The training is conducted by Jenny Hutt and Chris Hosking.

15 Mar 2014
Training Hours: 108
1 St Heliers Street, Melbourne

An experiential workshop introducing participants to the psychodrama method.

3 Mar 2014
189 High Street, Melbourne